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Red Film Faced Plywood
  • Red Film Faced PlywoodRed Film Faced Plywood
  • Red Film Faced PlywoodRed Film Faced Plywood
  • Red Film Faced PlywoodRed Film Faced Plywood

Red Film Faced Plywood

Degen is a reputable red film faced plywood manufacturer and supplier in China. You can buy red film faced plywood in bulk or on a custom basis from our factory with confidence, and we guarantee the best after-sale support and prompt delivery.

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Product Description

Degen is one of the professional red film faced plywood manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our red film faced plywood is made of high-quality hardwood veneer bonded with high-quality resin to produce a tough and long-lasting plywood. The application of a red film coating on the surface of each panel provides an additional layer of protection while making it easy to clean and maintain.

Our plywood comes in various thicknesses and sizes and can be used for various construction projects, such as concrete formwork, wall and roof sheathing, flooring, and furniture. Red film faced plywood is also suitable for rough and harsh environments, such as warehouses, garages, and high flow areas.

Degen Red Film Faced Plywood Parameter (Specification)

Product  Name Red Film Faced Plywood
Usage Usage adequate for making furniture or construction, package or industry
Size 1.22x2.44 m, 1.83x1.22 m, 1.83x0.915 ,Customized
Thickness 20mm within customized
Delivery Time Usually within 10-15 days after receipt of advance payment

Degen Red Film Faced Plywood Feature And Application

Red film faced plywood is a type of plywood with a surface coated with red film. Red film faced plywood has good flatness and smoothness, providing a stable and smooth working surface. Good moisture resistance, suitable for use in relatively humid environments.

The application of red film faced plywood is mainly in fields such as construction, furniture manufacturing, and formwork support. Widely used in construction, interior decoration, and other fields.

Degen Red Film Faced Plywood Details

Introducing Red Film Faced Plywood: The Durable Choice for Your Building Needs
Are you in need of a strong and durable material for your construction projects? Look no further than our red film faced plywood. Our plywood is made from high-quality hardwood veneers, ensuring that it is not only sturdy, but has an attractive and professional look.
Our red film faced plywood is coated with a high-quality film that adds an extra layer of protection against the elements. This makes it the perfect choice for outdoor use, where it can stand up to harsh weather conditions. The film also adds strength and durability to the plywood, giving it a longer lifespan.
Our plywood is ideal for use in a variety of applications, from construction to furniture making and everything in between. It is perfect for use in concrete formwork, as well as for flooring, walls, and roofs. Its strength and durability make it a reliable choice for any building project.
In addition to its strength and durability, our red film faced plywood is easy to work with. It can be cut, drilled, and sanded to fit any construction needs. And its attractive appearance makes it a popular choice for use in decorative applications, such as furniture making.
We take pride in the quality of our red film faced plywood and we are confident that it will meet all of your construction needs. So why not choose the reliable choice? Choose our red film faced plywood.
Order yours today and start your building project with the best materials available.

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