Construction Plywood Formwork Systems

  • The film faced plywood selects high-quality pine & eucalyptus as raw materials, uses high-quality glue, and sufficient glue. This film faced plywood has good durability, is not easy to deform, does not warp, and can be reused 10-20 times. Environmentally friendly and affordable.

  • shuttering plywood formwork -Usage:Outdoor,construction,tall frame building,bridge,big concrete projects,furniture,decoration,etc.
    Process features:
    1. Use good pine and eucalyptus whole core boards, and there are no holes in the middle of the blank boards after sawing;
    2. The surface coating of the board/plywood is phenolic resin glue with strong waterproof performance(glue film), and the core board adopts melamine glue (single layer glue can reach 0.45KG)
    3. First cold-pressed and then hot-pressed, the pressure is around 200, and the plywood is sewn tightly

4x8 film faced plywood

  • Advantages of this product:
    1. Select high-quality eucalyptus veneer, first-class panels, good materials can make good products
    2. The amount of glue is sufficient, and each board is 250g more glue than normal boards
    3. Strict management system to ensure that the discharged board surface is flat and the sawing density is good.
    4. The pressure is high,about 200-220.
    5. The product is not deformed or warped, the thickness is uniform, and the board surface is smooth.
    6. The glue is made of melamine according to the national standard of 13%, and the product is resistant to sunlight, water and moisture.
    7. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, durable, no degumming, no peeling, this 18mm plywood can be used repeatedly for more than 16 times.
    8. Good toughness, high strength and high usage times.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Explosion board, the board layer is cracked, and the glue is not bonded.
    2. The surface of the plywood is rough, warped, peeled, and carbonized seriously.
    3. When cutting, the core of the board is hollow and not compact, the hardness of the plywood is not enough, and it is easy to break.
    4. After 3-4 times of use, it can no longer be used, the loss is large, and it is not durable.
    5. The thickness of the plywood is not enough, and there is a shortage.

The benefits we can bring:

1. The overall appearance of the plywood is neat, bright, flat, and the thickness is uniform. After demoulding, the wall effect is excellent.
2. The surface is pine wood- 0.6mm, which is not easy to peel, and is durable and wear-resistant. (The protective layer as a formwork must be thick and strong to withstand the long-term erosion and wear of the cement)
3. It is made of first-class veneer raw materials. The sawing is dense, the cavity is small, and the face/back cannot be peeled.
4. The factory pass rate is as high as 97%, which is more than 5% higher than that of the same industry.
5. The number of times of use is high, the turnover is guaranteed to be more than 10 times, and the contract can be signed. The thickness of the plywood is within the tolerance range, and it can also be made with sufficient thickness. It is settled according to the actual quantity of the plywood, and there will be no shortage.
6. The high frequency of use is usually more than 4 times higher than that of peers.
7. Our company has 30 years of production management experience. The plywood has undergone 19 refined and comprehensive scientific production processes and 3 quality control systems, so that every detail can be better, and the construction plywood that can satisfy customers is produced.
8. The professional after-sales service team always adheres to the principle of customer first. The customer's problem is our problem. Only by making it more convenient for customers can we be more valuable.

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