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The advantages of plywood, such as small deformation, large size, convenient construction, and good transverse tensile performance, have made its application fields more and more extensive.  Concrete building templates, building components, etc. in engineering construction; There are also industries such as vehicle and ship manufacturing and packaging.

1. The overall appearance of the plywood is neat, bright, flat, and the thickness is uniform. After demoulding, the wall effect is excellent.
2. The surface is pine wood- 0.6mm, which is not easy to peel, and is durable and wear-resistant. (The protective layer as a formwork must be thick and strong to withstand the long-term erosion and wear of the cement)
3. It is made of first-class veneer raw materials. The sawing is dense, the cavity is small, and the face/back cannot be peeled.
4. The factory pass rate is as high as 97%, which is more than 5% higher than that of the same industry.
5. The number of times of use is high, the turnover is guaranteed to be more than 10 times, and the contract can be signed. The thickness of the plywood is within the tolerance range, and it can also be made with sufficient thickness. It is settled according to the actual quantity of the plywood, and there will be no shortage.
6. The high frequency of use is usually more than 4 times higher than that of peers.
7. Our company has 30 years of production management experience. The plywood has undergone 19 refined and comprehensive scientific production processes and 3 quality control systems, so that every detail can be better, and the construction plywood that can satisfy customers is produced.
8. The professional after-sales service team always adheres to the principle of customer first. The customer's problem is our problem. Only by making it more convenient for customers can we be more valuable.

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