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Introduction to multi-layer boards


The production method of multi-layer boards generally consists of first making the inner layer graphics, then using printing and etching to make a single or double-sided substrate, which is included in the designated interlayer, and then heated, pressurized, and bonded. The subsequent drilling is the same as the plating through hole method for double-sided boards. In 1961, Hazelting Corp. in the United States published Multiplanar, which was a pioneer in the development of multi-layer boards. This multi-layer board method is almost the same as the current method of manufacturing multi-layer boards using the plating through hole method. After Japan entered this field in 1963, various ideas and manufacturing methods related to multi-layer boards gradually became popular worldwide. With the transition from transistors to the era of integrated circuits and the widespread use of computers, the demand for high functionality has made large wiring capacity and excellent transmission characteristics a key demand for multilayer boards.
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